(v)pureDisk3x Converged Office Appliance

As a convergence solution, table below shows the differences between a traditional NAS (Network Attached Storage) appliance and a (v)pureDisk3x office appliance;

pureDisk storage solution paradigms

Eleven Good Reasons To Buy A (v)pureDisk3x For Your Office

When you put a (v)pureDisk3x in your office, it can;

  1. Boost productivity greatly by converging three office productivity tools (NAS,SDS,HCI) in one appliance
  2. Support a unified easy-to-use NAS-like Web GUI for NAS,SDS,and HCI - setting up a pureDisk3x as NAS,SDS,or HCI is relatively easy, it does not require much more tech knowledge than it took to set up Windows and navigate to a web page.
  3. Support independently managed NAS,SDS,and HCI storage resources
  4. Increase data storage efficiency by eliminating storage SILOs
  5. Support ONE-Click Office Cloudification
  6. Extend the life of more conventional storage systems
  7. Enable hyper scalability,agility, and sustainability
  8. Enable hyper redundancy for data protection
  9. Support high availability (HA) for business continuity
  10. Support cloud drive convergence for backup and DR (Disaster Recovery)
  11. Support data, virtual disk, or VM backup and restore

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